Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Drive... home

Shift to reverse, gas-as-they-call-it. Turn left. The brake. Shift to drive, more gas-as-they-call-it. Sun glaring in the eyes. Never mind - the drive away loser.

A disgusting slime. Clumsy. Grotesque. Writhing.. dragging.. closer.. closer. Open sores. A mirror! The stench of aged human spit. Feminine fragrance ? Stab the twisted beast !

Stirring marrows. Open your eyes. A cement truck in the wrong lane. A wishful hallucination. Step on it more. Sixty.. seventy. Red lights. Reality. The moment of courage. Kicking instincts. Wretched hormones. The golden rules of evolution. Screech to stop. Honks. Deaf. Stares. Blind. Drive away.

It wriggles back. Destiny's misbegotten child. A stake driven through. No. The primordial rib. Mercy.. mercy. A cauldron of venom. Slain with kindness.

Home. Somewhere to snuggle. The sleeping bag. Mother's womb...